Are the channels feeding you generated news?

Digital journalism has revolutionized the way news is spread, and there are intense competitions among channels. The increased completion has ensured that media houses are vying with each other for a space in the consumer minds and there are apprehensions that viewers are fed with generated content. All news is not generated content for viewers that are aired by channels.

User generated content

Media houses are forced to accept the user generated content in certain cases. Assume a war ravaged syria is reporting new bombings and there are no media professionals available there to report about it. During those circumstances, media houses are forced to buy user generated content. It means that a person from the war ravaged area would be uploading content in the form of picture and video through you tube and other channels. Instagram is another popular media through which user generated content happens, and media would have to show to highlight the plight that happens. This user generated content is positive to international media who may be forced to leave a war zone in a remote area of the world. Sudden eruptions of natural disaster can be reported first using user generated content

Forced generated news

Media houses may try to force generated content on the minds of the viewer by forcing their opinion on the mind of viewers. They would take apposition about news and then they would state their view point without airing a differing opinion. It can be from local issues to international news and other things.

Media knowing everything syndrome

Media houses may be forced to air news without cross checking sometimes due to intense competition, and that can lead to generated content. Common people have a belief that media knows about everything and that can lead to mistakes being committed by media. Media houses can develop an attitude of cross checking of data that can prevent generated content being aired.

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