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Media industry bringing positive changes to the society

Strong media would bring corruption that happens in government and other top political bodies to the limelight. They would report corruption that would take place in the top order and would bring a positive economic change by making government accountable. Data’s about a business house being preferred over others and other tax violation reports

Is the News and Media Industry hiding the truth from you?

Media can be defined as a communication mode by which the news and other important information are distributed among people. Media no doubt is a great platform where you can get information about what is happening in the world and feel like connected with world. Source of media includes newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet and

Are the channels feeding you generated news?

Digital journalism has revolutionized the way news is spread, and there are intense competitions among channels. The increased completion has ensured that media houses are vying with each other for a space in the consumer minds and there are apprehensions that viewers are fed with generated content. All news is not generated content for
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