Complications of a fungal toenail infection

If your toenail is affected by a fungus infection, you should consider scouting for the best toenail fungus treatment. If untreated it can increase certain complications like an incidence of relapse of the infection, discolouration of the infected nail, permanent loss of the affected nail, possible spread of infection to other areas of the body and even development of a bacterial skin infection known as cellulitis.

Some home-remedies for treating toenail fungus

First identify the nail fungus, i.e. a fungal infection will usually start off as a white and yellow spot on the tip of the nail. With gradual growth of the fungus, the nail may become brittle, ragged, crumbly or thickened, change its shape and look either darker or duller than usual. Without proper and the best toenail fungus treatment, there are high chances of indefinite resurgence of the fungus.

best toenail fungus treatment

A few easy treatments that you can try to treat your infected nail at home are:

  1. Tea Tree or Orange Oil rub: A natural disinfectant, tea tree oil possesses fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to treat toenail fungus. Orange oil can be used in combination with other mixtures to treat fungus naturally. In either case, it is necessary to dilute the essential oil before applying to the nail.
  2. Baking Soda and Vinegar Soak: Baking soda can prevent fungus from growing and spreading to other areas. The alkaline property of the soda can create an unfriendly environment for the fungus, restricting its growth. However, soda cannot kill the fungus, so you may consider it a good idea to use vinegar to kill the fungus.
  3. Coconut Oil: A natural way to combat fungus infections, the fatty acids present in coconut oil can work miracles as natural fungicides. Besttoenail fungus treatments usually target the fungal membrane as it is the membrane which hosts the fungal life, allowing it to grow rapidly. The fatty acids present in the coconut oil can naturally percolate through the fungal membrane, destroying the fungus through cell disintegration.

Whichever regime you undertake as the besttoenail fungus treatment, ensure to diligently continue applying the treatment as necessary. However, in the process, do not overlook preventative methods to restrict the fungus from reappearing.


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