Do’s while you are constructing a resume

You need to understand the basics of writing a resume even before you apply for a job interview. There are a lot of things to be kept on mind when you write a resume and below mentioned are some of the basic things that have to be taken care of when you decide to write a resume on your own after checking for a few examples on

Take care of these things before you go ahead and proceed to submit your resume for an organization. Check for some of the best sample resumes on


  • Use legible font

Always use the right kind of font, if you are fond of using fonts that look too stylish, it may appear to be illegible. Choosing fonts is one of the main things because when you hand over your resume to an interviewer, it has to be legible and should not cause any disturbance to their eyes. Hence, using the right kind of fonts is very important.

  • Simple language

Just because you have a good grip on the language does not mean that you fill your resume with jargons, use simple and clear language when you choose to write a resume and this is also one of the mandatory things to be kept in mind when you are writing a resume. Check for some of the best examples on

  • Do proof-read thoroughly

This is one of the things that you should never forget when you are working on your resume. You need to proof read your resume thoroughly; else, you may become a joke when you are at the job interview.

Follow these simple rules of a resume construct and you would sure be able to help the rest of them  as well when you find them in trouble.




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