Is the News and Media Industry hiding the truth from you?

Media can be defined as a communication mode by which the news and other important information are distributed among people. Media no doubt is a great platform where you can get information about what is happening in the world and feel like connected with world.

Source of media includes newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet and others. Newspapers and radio is one of the most preferred and oldest methods of getting information about the world.


But now with the advancement of technology, Internet and social media is gaining popularity day by day. With just one click you can get all the detailed information about every update happening in the world. Internet is also quite easy and affordable option that is why getting prevalent.

Is media showing you the truth?

Well, this is quite difficult to say that is media and news channels showing you the exact picture of what is happening or not? You can’t deny the significance of media in your life. But to be every frank, media these days is getting a little manipulative and less honest as compared to the old days.

In today’s world where everybody is only thinking about their own benefit, media is also not a trustable source anymore. Most of the media channels tend to manipulate the news in such a way to make it more appealing for viewers, so that they can earn maximum revenue.

Because of this reason only most of the people are losing faith from news and media industry.


Responsibility of media to show truth

News and media industry is the only source from which you can have information about the world. But in case if media is not showing you the truth that means the agenda is not fulfilled.

That is why it is a sole responsibility of media to show the exact news to its viewers and also follow some major ethics while showing news. Media should not show any fake news which can create conflicts among others.

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