Media industry bringing positive changes to the society

Strong media would bring corruption that happens in government and other top political bodies to the limelight. They would report corruption that would take place in the top order and would bring a positive economic change by making government accountable. Data’s about a business house being preferred over others and other tax violation reports would always improve the transparency and accountability of government, and that brings positive change to society. Media would improve international trade relations and improve economic conditions of country.


Voice of vulnerable is heard out

Media always helps in bringing out the voice of the oppressed and downtrodden. There are times when media has bought positive changes to many strikes and other things. The pain bearing society always need something to get their voice heard above the power rich top order, and media has brought positive change to society by highlighting those issues.

Media can improve economic condition of a country

Many economic policies would be taken by the government, and the chances are high that many decisions would not be known and understood by the general public. Media would highlight the economic policy in a manner that is easily understood, and there are chances that the inferences would be easy to comprehend.


Media can improve health care

Media would always write about healthcare policy of a government, making a positive change to society. When a health care policy would not be affordable to all sections of people, media can highlight those policies in the right manner and would bring a positive change to society. The long pending issues of not having a specified medicine for a specified disease would be highlighted by media and that can make a positive change. There are places in the world who would be suffering from a disease and timely intervention from other countries is possible through media news.

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